All Grass Fed, Start to Finish, Certified Organic Beef

You are what you eat, so rest assured we will not be contributing to the chemical or hormone load in your diet! Our beef is also 100% grass fed start to finish, no grains and no corn - ever. We think packing livestock in a confined space, feeding them weird things, and adding chemicals and hormones is a bunch of Bull, and the only Bull at our place is called Ferdinand!

Get to Know Your Rancher

Conservation ranching is good for birds and the environment. This means we manage our land for bird habitat, that our livestock freely graze on open grasslands and are not confined, that our livestock are produced using best practices for animal health & welfare, and that we use grasses and plants that increase carbon sequestration in pastures.

Certified organic means that our livestock are raised with the ability to graze open pastures, that they are fed 100% organic feed and forage (we grow our own), and that no antibiotics or hormones were administered. The Montana Department of Agriculture verifies each year that we continue to comply with the National Organic Program's requirements.

Historically, most beef was from cattle finished on grass until research was conducted in the 1950's to make the beef industry more "efficient" by reducing the time to finish the animal. Subsequently, the concept of a feedlot was born. All our cattle are grass fed and on open pasture from start to finish. The cattle and the consumer are both better off.