All Grass. All. The. Time.

  • Certified Organic

    The gold standard. Inspected & certified by Montana Department of Agriculture. No hormones and antibiotics for the cows, and no chemicals in their diet! The USDA implemented organic standards in late 2002 and we became certified organic in 2004, before it was cool! We have never looked back. And guess what, humane treatment is included in the organic standards.

  • Start to Finish

    Historically cattle were finished on grass before the beef industry became determined to be more "efficient" and the feedlot was born to finish animals faster. All our cattle are on open pasture their entire lives from start to finish. They have never been fed corn or soybeans. They are healthy and eat what their systems are designed to eat, grass!

  • For the Birds

    We manage our land to promote bird habitat which also happens to be good for the cows. Bird friendly grazing supports regenerative agriculture and helps us get the most out of our pastures. The better the soil health, the better the grass, the healthier the cow, the better the birds, and the better for you! It all goes together.

Grass Fed Start to Finish, Certified Organic Beef

You are what you eat, so rest assured we will not be contributing to the chemical or hormone load in your diet! Our beef is also 100% grass fed start to finish, no grains and no corn - ever. We think packing livestock in a confined space, feeding them weird things, and adding chemicals and hormones is a bunch of Bull, and the only Bull at our place is called Ferdinand!

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