About Us

Who Are We?

Not only are we certified organic, but also we are grass fed!  Our certified organic cattle have never seen any hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides.  They lollygag around the property and watching them do this gives us great joy.  We care about providing the best beef with the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

We don't have any employees, it's just the family.  We are ranchers first and business people second, we hope you understand!  There is no fulfillment center, no call center, no accounting department, and happily no HR department!  This means you have to be a little patient with us sometimes.  We promise we will call you back if we don't answer the phone.  But if we are outside with the cows and a storm is coming, or if the tractor just broke down and we've gone to town for parts, or if we are calving in the spring..........well some of those things might get taken care of before we manage to call you back.

The Dad:

Pete grew up in Texas on his grandfather’s ranch which produced watermelon and Hereford cattle. When Pete finished High School he hightailed it to the north country and landed in Montana where he stayed. He claims to never miss Texas, but we see him shiver in the winter and have to wonder. Pete has a master’s degree from Princeton University, but at the end of the day, Pete simply loves ranching a little more than the mathematics and botany he studied. Pete is not a man of many words, he prefers the company of cows. Pete is quite a cattleman, he knows what the cow is thinking just a second or two before the cow actually knows. Pete worked for the Flathead Valley Community College for over 25 years, first teaching Calculus and other highly entertaining subjects; then directing the Trades program. Pete retired from the college and now happily spends all his days with the cows. He is an unusually fit man who inherited excellent family genetics, and has competed in the local Spartan and dragon boat races.

The Mom:

Janet is a third generation Montanan who grew up in Pleasant Valley, Montana which is just about an hour West of Kalispell. Janet has a bachelor’s degree in Math from the University of Montana in Missoula, MT. Janet loves to visit with people and tell stories, and she enjoys farming. Each year she argues with her son Ryan over how much land she will plow. Each year she wins the battle and plows up more land than Ryan wants her to. Thankfully Janet chose to maintain the ranch she inherited from her parents, and the next generations continue to enjoy all it has to offer.

The Son:

Ryan received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Montana Tech. He lasted a very short time outside the best State (obviously Montana) before realizing he simply could not live anywhere else and came back to the ranch as fast as he could get there. Ryan continues to work as an engineer part-time from the ranch now that telecommuting is possible. Ryan is also unusually fit, much like his father, and does more physical work on the ranch than is normal for a human being. Ryan is known to kick up his heels a little on the weekends.

The Daughter:

Lisa also had to leave Montana upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Montana Tech and went to work in the mining industry. Lisa lived about 10 years in Latin America and had all sorts of adventures in the Andes mountains and then in Central America where she met her husband Oscar.  Lisa was born addicted to horses and her favorite thing to do is to ride her mare Lucy off into the wild blue yonder, or moving the cattle where they need to go.   

The Son in Law:

Oscar was innocently living his life as an Agricultural Engineer and professional landscape designer in Guatemala City where he was born, when he met Lisa. His original plan was to continue growing his business in Guatemala City but meeting Lisa resulted in rather drastic changes to his plans! He is now a United States citizen and calls Montana his home too. He can no longer stand traffic or being around crowds of people in cities. Oscar is quite a social fellow and enjoys visiting with most people he runs into. To complete his branding as a true Montanan, Oscar earned his master’s degree from Montana Tech and now knows all about Butte, America. Oscar is a master at the grill and is responsible for the taste testing that must go on around the ranch before we are willing to sell our product. He says it’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it.