About Us

Who Are We?

Not only are we certified organic, but also are grass fed start to finish and certified as bird friendly!  Our certified organic cattle have never seen any hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides.  They live on the ranch simply being cows, and watching them do this gives us great joy.  We care about our livestock and we care about providing the best beef with the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

We don't have any employees, it's just the family.  We are ranchers first and business people second, we hope you understand!  There is no fulfillment center, no call center, no accounting department, and happily no HR department!  This means you have to be a little patient with us sometimes.  We promise we will call you back if we don't answer the phone.  But if we are outside with the cows and a storm is coming, or if the tractor just broke down and we've gone to town for parts, or if we are calving in the spring..........well some of those things might get taken care of before we manage to call you back.

To get your beef you can specify either a ranch pickup option or we can meet up with you in Kalispell on Saturdays.